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Secrets in the buff
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Secretinthebuff is a community for those of you who have secrets that you wish to get off your chest, but don't really have anyone to confide in. Oh, and when I say "secretinthebuff" that doesn't mean you have to be naked to post ;).

In this community, you're able to speak your mind, and say what you feel is right. You're able to get out what you want to get out, without being judged. Now, when I say without being judged, you have to know, that people are going to give you advice on your problems, so don't be a pain about it and complain when someone gives you advice you don't like.

Now onto the rules:

1.) If you know the person IRL, and they post something on here, make sure that you too can keep a secret. Things on here are for those that want advice, not for you to blab around town.

2.) There will be NO bashing of another member.

3.) The use of names is prohibited. For those of you with a bad vocabulary, it means it's not allowed. If you want to talk about someone, make sure to use a "code name" that only you will know about.

4.) If you are to post pictures, please put them under a cut.

5.) No deleting comments, or posts. If you delete something just to correct a spelling error, thats fine.

6.) English Only!

7.) Make sure to Friends Only your posts. This is done for the saftey of your information, so that no one can come in here and look at what secrets you have posted.

By joining this community, you are agreeing to all of the forementioned rules, and any that are to be added. If you don't like it too bad, and if you don't follow them, I will ban your ass. =) I will not be a push-over mod, and if I have to occasionally, I will be a bitch. Other than that, I'm a pretty easy going Mod, just don't piss me off ;)

Have fun, and start spilling!

Your mod is: betterthanmindy, if you have any problems send and e-mail to subsidethefears@hotmail.com or if you would like to become a co-mod yourself, because I would like this community to grow and be succesful, then e-mail me and let me know who you are and why you should be the co-mod. In order to become a mod, you must have a previous experience with me, and be on good terms.

I would also like to welcome our new co-mod:

She is amazing =)